The school leaders guide the research work to the College of Marxist Philosophy

School party secretary Li Dasheng and deputy secretary Zhong Yang Jin go to College of Marxist Philosophy to do research on Mar 10th afternoon , Listening to the teachers' suggestions and suggestions on the construction and development of the college, and communicate with the teachers on how to implement the spirit of ideological and political work conference and teaching reform and discipline construction of ideological and political theory and other issues. Party director Zhong Qiang, deputy director Zhong Gengtao, director of the Office of Academic Affairs Zhang Yongliang accompanied by research. Secretary general of the Party branch of the Marxist Institute Li Mei, vice president Zhang Fengqing, Jiang Zhengfeng, Xu Dabing, principals of the teaching and research section participate in research seminars.
       Li Mei made a report from the development status, existing problem and development ideas of the teacher strength, talent introduction, curriculum construction, discipline setting, academic research and other aspects at the meeting. Zhang Fengqing, Jiang Zhengfeng, Xu Dabing, respectively introduced the situation and policy education, research projects, master's degree construction, job evaluation, examination reform, practice teaching principals of the teaching and research section and so on. Principals of the teaching and research section communicated and exchange with School party secretary Li on office space, performance pay, human quality lectures and other issues.
       School party secretary Li gave full recognition and high evaluation of the achievements made by the College of Marxist Philosophy. Zhong Qiang, Zhang Yongliang and other representatives of the functional departments made comments and suggestions on ideological and political reform, public curriculum construction, examination reform and other aspects of the College of Marxist Philosophy, and expressed their strong support to the development of Marxist Philosophy College. (Text / image  propaganda department Li Min)