College Profile

    College of Marxist Philosophy is the secondary teaching and scientific research unit which is directly under the leadership of school. There is 58 staffs in College of Marxist Philosophy Including 54 full-time teachers, 5 professors, 28 associate professors, 32 Dr. and Ph.D. candidate. 34.8% of them are the young teachers under the age of 35 and all of them got master's degree or above. We have several teachers who won Nan Yue outstanding teachers, advanced individual of school education, school outstanding Communist Party members and top ten honorary title of undergraduate teaching.

    The  College consists of 1 office,5 teaching and research section and 1 research center. teaching and research section included: Outline of Modern Chinese History, Essentials of Mao Zedong Thought and Chinasocialism theory, the basic principles of Marxism, Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Basis law education, Situation and Policy. The research center included: Guangdong Rural Ideology and Culture research center in South China Agricultural University.

Our teachers bear the teaching tasks of ideological and political theory course and part of humanistic quality of the whole school undergraduate, Master and Ph.D. At present, 4 courses including "Outline of Modern Chinese History", " Essentials of Mao Zedong Thought and Chinasocialism theory ", " The basic principles of Marxism " and " Moral Cultivation and Basis law education " are boutique resource sharing courses in Guangdong Province.

    We won one excellent lesson plan of ideological and political theory of Ministry of Education, one "first prize" , four "third prize" of excellent teaching film of ideological and political theory courses in Guangdong Province, one "second prize" of the literature group in the first micro-class competition in Guangdong Province, one "first prize" , two " second prize " , one "third prize" in the ideological and political teacher's social practice micro - class quality resources collection activities of summer vacation in 2014 Guangdong Province, one teacher won one hundred outstanding ideological and political teachers, one, two, three prize each one in "hundred series" excellent achievements of moral education in 2014 Guangdong Province. More than 20 items in first, second, third prize in past young teachers 'teaching basic skills contest of ideological and political theory course in Guangdong Province and South China.

    Second level discipline station of Master's degree of "Marxism in China" was been declared and approved in 2006, and recruit students in 2007. It formed three relatively stable research and enrollment direction with a certain characteristics after years of construction, they are: the study of the history and reality of Marxism in China, the study of Marxist theory and practice, the study of grassroots culture and party building work. Subject site has strong faculty and reasonable team with ten tutor now including five professors and eight PhDs. The training goal of master site are: to help them cultivate marxism belief and socialism belief, all-round development of morality intelligence physique, to equip them with good marxism theory accomplishment, solid professional basis knowledge, broad knowledge,as well as right theoretical direction and good style of study. Be familiar with a foreign language,able to read foreign resources on their own major and a certain writing ability is required. Finally they will be the professional of scientific research, higher education and the party and government working department in this major.

    During "Twelve Five" time, College of Marxist Philosophy has undertaken or completed a total of 43 subjects, including 3 national social science fund, 30 provincial and ministerial issues, 21 bureau issues. The college published six academic monographs and participated in 6 national editorial materials as well as in Guangdong Province. The college published more than 200 thesis, about one-third of which published in the "Marxism and reality", "Study on Mao Zedong Thought", "academic research", "socialism Studies", "Jianghan Tribune", "Guang Ming Daily· Theoretic Version" and other national Chinese core journals.

    In the next five years, according to the "Implementation plan of South China Agricultural University's Marxism theory Communicating Ability Lifting Project" and the requirements to our college 's discipline construction forced by the high level university construction project, except for further strengthening the routine work of morality education, we also need to fight for 5 breakthrough, namely: One first level discipline station of Master's degree for Marxism theory, one top teacher's studio for Marxism theory, one Communication Studio for Marxism theory, one excellent course for Ministry of education, to develop one top teacher for ideological and political theory course in Guangdong province.